Customized mini-facial - $45
Perfect for those on the run! We start with a thorough cleansing followed by a customized mask and finishing moisturizer, great for any skin type. 
40 minutes

Organic grapeseed facial - $80
A deep cleansing facial that uses a natural exfoliant containing grape seeds that leaves skin smooth and radiant by buffing away dry areas. 
60 minutes

Gentleman's facial - $80
Specifically designed for men's skin care needs to help diminish ingrown hairs and sooth razor burn. Gently exfoliates to deep clean to eliminate clogged pores. For best results please shave prior to facial. 
60 minutes 

Green tea facial - $90
This facial features the use of green tea, one of nature's strongest anti-oxidants, to work through the deep levels of your skin to help remove impurities and strengthen skin cells while fighting the signs of aging. 
60 minutes

Teen facial -$80
Designed for teens with troubled skin, a salicylic based facial to deep clean without drying, calms the skin by using localized shiatsu massage. 
60 minutes 

Sun lover's facial - $85
An anti-oxidant therapy to rejuvenate your skin, stimulating cell renewal and increasing circulation; leaving your skin hydrated and balanced. 
50 minutes

Vitamin C facial peel - $90
A deep penetrating infusion of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants that will help tone and firm while delivering a burst of fresh energy to revitalize your skin. 
50 minutes 

Tightening & brightening facial - $115
A truly pampering facial customized for your skin type to help reduce fine lines and even out your skin tone; includes a Vitamin C peel. 
80 minutes

Pinot noir facial - $100
Enjoy a complimentary glass of Pinot Noir before this deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment that includes a Vitamin C Peel and an anti-oxidant mask with real crushed grapes! 
60 minutes

Chocolate champagne facial - $100
This luxurious facial includes a Vitamin C Peel and anti-oxidant mask infused with cocoa powder, finished with a misting of champagne to refine and renew your complexion. 
60 minutes

Mother of pearl ageless facial - $100
This gem of a facial includes the exclusive Mother of Pearl cleansing scrub and a Vitamin C Peel to restore vitality and protect against the effects of aging. 
60 minutes
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